Establishment related orders, probation, service regularisation, CR, DPC etc.

23.09.2017 13264/Estt B1/2017/CRD Appointment of Secretary, Block Panchayath
18.09.2017 17019/Estt B2/2016/CRD Pre-Service Training considered as service-Jinshad Hussan,VEO(GrII)
10.05.2017 19427/Estt B1/2016/CRD Block Panchayat Secretary- Inclusion in Seniority List
25.02.2017 11032/Estt C2/2015/CRD Declarationof Probation-Extension Officers
23.02.2017 12859/Estt A2/2016/CRD Suspension Order
18.02.2017 2788/Estt B3/2017/CRD General Transfer 2017 - Guidelines - Circular
09.02.2017 19427/Estt B1/2016/CRD Regularisation of Block Panchayat Secretaries
01.02.2017 22513/Estt C2/2015/CRD Declaration of probation of GEO/EO(H)/EO(WW)
13.01.2017 19427/Estt B1/2016/CRD Hearing related to posting of BP Secretaries
12.01.2017 16486/Ac&Ad4/2016/CRD SPARK - Drawal of claims of PAU officers by ADCs(General)
06.01.2017 21563/Estt A2/2016/CRD DPC - Lower - Submission of CR - last date - 16.01.2017
04.01.2017 16788/Estt A1/2016/CRD DPC -Higher - Submission of CR - last date 11.01.2017
30.12.2016 19427/Estt B1/2016/CRD (1) Regularisation of BDOs
09.12.2016 12922/JRY 3/2016/CRD Inservice training of VEOs - at ETC Mannuthy
08.12.2016 12922/JRY 3/2016/CRD Inservice training of VEOs - at ETC Kottarakkara
18.11.2016 22022/Estt B4/2015/CRD Model MGNREGS Blocks - posting of ASOs as Asst Nodal Officers
19.09.2016 257/Estt C4/2015/CRD Rejoining of EO(WW)
07.09.2016 22513/Estt C2/2015/CRD Declaration of probation of GEO/EO(H)/EO(WW)
08.06.2016 12971/Estt C3/2016/CRD Rejoining of HA after the completion of Deputation
08.06.2016 8446/Estt C2/2016/CRD Rejoining of EOs after the completion of Deputation
04.04.2016 7095/Ac&Ad2/2015/CRD Kerala PSC's eVacancy Software - implementation
04.04.2016   Draft Job Chart
23.12.2015 21452/DP4/2015/CRD Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace
(Prevention, Prohibition & redressal) act-2013 - Internal Complaint Committee - reconstitution
02.02.2016 287/Estt A2/2016/CRD CR Called for DPC (Lower)-2016
28.01.2016 23000/Estt A1/2015/CRD CR Called for DPC(Higher)-2016
12.05.2015 15210/Estt B1/2011/CRD Service regularisation of BDOs
13.05.2015 3262/Estt B3/2015/CRD General Transfer 2015 - Guidelines - Circular
26.03.2015 10793/Estt B1/2013/CRD Regularisation of Secy. Block Panchayath to cadre strength - modified orders
28.01.2015 15210/Estt B1/2011/CRD Service Regularisation of BDOs
23.01.2015 130/Estt A1/2015/CRD DPC-2015 (Higher) - furnishing of CRs - reg
18.12.2014 24423/Estt C3/2014/CRD ഹെഡ് അക്കൌണ്ടന്റ് മാരുടെ പ്രൊബേഷൻ - സംബന്ധിച്ച് 
  25405/Estt B1/2011/CRD Confirmation of BDOs
19.03.2014 6545/Estt B3/2014/CRD General Transfer 2014 - Circular & Application form
03.03.2014 1718/Estt A1/2014/CRD Suspension of ADC
06.12.2013 22719/Estt A4/2013/CRD Suspension of BDO & GEO
    ഹെഡ് അക്കൗണ്ടന്റുമാരെ വിടുതൽ ചെയ്യുന്നതിനുള്ള നിർദ്ദേശങ്ങൾ
05.11.2013 18066/Estt B3/2013/CRD 27 years of Time Bound Higher Grade to VEOs - instructions
12.09.2013 16766/Estt B1/2013/CRD Declaration of Probation of BDOs- instructions
07.09.2013 30059/Estt B1/2013/CRD Regularisation of BDOs
25.04.2013 5279/Estt B3/2013/CRD General Transfer 2013 - Circular & Application form
05.04.2013 25405/Estt B1/2011/CRD Confirmation of BDOs - Midified Order
02.03.2013 25405/Estt B1/2011/CRD Confirmation of BDOs
    List of JSs/HCs prosed to be included in the select list of promotion to SS
01.03.2013 1237/Estt A3/2013/CRD Laste date of CR Submission extended to 8th March 2013