Transfer & Promotion Orders in the year 2010            
               2010 -ലെ സ്ഥലംമാറ്റ / സ്ഥാനക്കയറ്റ ഉത്തരവുകൾ 

Date Order No.  
01.12.2010 18521/Estt B2/2010/CRD Grade Promotion of VEOs
30.11.2010 23710/Estt B4/2009/CRD Grade Promotion of LVEOs
28.07.2010 3502/Estt C4/2010/CRD Transfer of EO(WW)
28.07.2010 24520/Estt C3/2006/CRD Promotion of Clerks to Senior Clerks
28.07.2010 17649/Estt C4/2010/CRD Promotion of LVEOs Gr I to EO(WW)

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