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IWMP is a centrally sponsored scheme under the Ministry of Land Resources, Department of Rural Development, Government of India. In Kerala the scheme is implemented through Department of Rural Development. All the watershed development programmes like IWDP, Hariyali, NWDPRA etc are now under one watershed development programme viz., IWMP, following the New Common Guidelines published by GoI.

The main objective of IWMP project is judicious utilization of every drop of rainwater received, for domestic consumption, agriculture, horticulture, livestock rearing etc thereby attaining self sufficiency in drinking water, increase in employment opportunities,  increase the standard of living etc. A holistic approach is envisaged in this programme. Unlike other watershed development projects here there is space for providing assistance to livelihood activities, assistance for enhancing production system and also provision for microenterprises.

The project area is a cluster of micro watersheds with an area of 1000 to 5000ha rather than individual micro watersheds. There would be dedicated implementing agencies with multi-disciplinary professional teams at the national, state and district level for managing the watershed programmes.

At the state level there is the State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) with Agricultural Poduction Commissioner as the chairperson. At the district level there is the Watershed Cell cum Data Centre (WCDC) which will oversee the implementation of watershed programmes in each district. At the project level there is the Project Implementing Agency (PIA). In the project implementation level, Block Panchayat is the PIA. At the watershed level there is the Watershed Committee (WC), constituted from Gama Sabha. The actual implementation of the scheme in the field is done by WC.

Duration of the programme is in the range of 4 years to 7 years depending upon nature of activities spread over 3distinct phase viz., preparatory phase, works phase and consolidation phase.

The project aims to restore the ecological balance by harnessing, conserving and developing degraded natural resources such as soil, vegetative cover and water.  The outcomes are prevention of soil run-off, regeneration of natural vegetation, rain water harvesting and recharging of the ground water table.  This enables multi-cropping and the introduction of diverse agro-based activities, which help to provide sustainable livelihoods to the people residing in the watershed area.

Government of India have issued common guidelines for watershed development in order to have a unified perspective by all stake holders. The key features of common guidelines include innovativeness in the approach, delegation of powers, strengthening dedicated institutions, social, gender and economic equity in sharing enhanced productivity and livelihood, multi-tier ridge to valley system approach and centrality of community participation. The IWMP is a holistic project with all essential components such as capacity building, lively-hood activities, Production system, natural resource management, and a dedicated institutional system for effective and comprehensive implementation.

Government of India has sanctioned projects to be treated under IWMP spread across all 14 districts of Kerala. The total cost of the project is to be shared between the Central and State governments in the ratio 90:10.

Kerala is the only state where IWMP is being implemented exclusively and through the complete involvement of local self government organisations and involving maximum participation of local population right from planning through all stages of implementation and monitoring.

Abbreviations :
NRAA- National Rainfed Area Authority
GoK- Government of Kerala
SLNA- State level Nodal Agency
DPC- District Planning Committee
DLCC- District level Coordination Committee
WCDC- Watershed Cell Cum data Center
PIA- Project Implementing Agency
PLCC- Project level Coordination Committee
WDT- Watershed Development Team
WC- Watershed Committee
WCC- Watershed Coordination Committee
UGs- User Groups
SHGs- Self Help Groups

List of projects sanctioned under IWMP in Kerela

2009-10 Kasargod

Parappa - 1

Parappa - 2

Parappa - 3


Thrithala -1

Thrithala - 3

    Alathur 7

Kalpetta - 1

Kalpetta - 2

Kalpetta - 3

    Sulthan Batherry 4
  Total   94
2010-11 Alapuzha Champakulam (IWMP-1 /2010-11) 5
  Ernakulam Vypin IWMP (1/2010-11) 6
  Idukki Elamdesom 7
  Kannur Payyannur 15
  Kasargod Parappa 14
  Kollam Ithikkara 7
  Kottayam Erattupetta 7
  Kozhikode Thuneri 11
  Malappuram Areecode 19

Pattambi - 1

Pattambi - 2

  Pathanamthitta Ranni 5
  Thiruvanathapuram Vamanapuram 6
  Trissur Vadakkancherry 10
    Kodakara 7
  Total   127
2011-12 Idukki Idukki 5
    Idukki 4
    Elamdesom 9
    Azhutha 6
    Kattappana 2
  Kasargod Karadukka 15
  Kannur Irikkur 11
    Iritty 11
  Kottayam newUzhavoor 7
  Malappuram Areekode 8
    newKuttipuram 8
  Kollam newPathanapuram 8
  Ernakulam Mulanthuruthy 5
  Thiruvananthapuram Chirayinkil 8
  Alapuzha Chengannur 8
  Pathanamthitta Pulikeezh 5
  Thrissur Chowannur 8
  Palakkad Nenmara 3
  Wayanad Kalpetta 10
  Total   148
2012-13 Thiruvananthapuram Pothencode 5
  Kollam Vettikavala 2
  Alapuzha Bharanikkavu 8
  Kottayam Pallam 8
  Idukki Kattappana 6
    Azhutha 5
    Thodupuzha 4
  Ernakulam Parakkadauv 8
  Thrissur Vallagallur 6
  Palakkad Chittoor 6
  Malappram Wandoor 3
    Vengara 9
  Kozhikode Balusserry 7
    Kunnamangalam 7
  Kannur Iritty 13
  Kasargod Kasargod 4
  Total   93
2013-14 Thiruvananthapuram Kilimanoor 3
  Kollam Chittumala 3
  Pathanamthitta Mallappally 5
  Alappuzha Mavelikkara 3
  Kottayam Erattupetta 7
  Ernakulam Pampakkuda 7
  Thrissur Cherp 3
  Palakkad Thrithala 12
  Malappuram Wandoor 5
  Kannur Irikkur 13
  Total   61
2014-15 Thiruvananthapuram Vamanapuram 4
  Kollam Anchal 6
  Pathanamthitta Koippuram 6
  Alappuzha Kanjikuzhi 6
  Kottayam Lalam 8
  Idukki Nedumkandam 7
  Ernakulam Kothamangalam 3
  Palakkad Attappdi 9
  Malappuram Kondotty 10
  Kozhikode Koduvally 10
  Kannur Thaliparamba 10
  Kasargode Kasargode 13
  Total   92
  Grand Total   615

State Perspective and Strategic Plan (SPSP)

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